June 27, 2011

Nobody wants to lose a match or game, but the thing is that, there must be a winner and a loser in any game played! Can even ask Rafal Nadal or Roger Federer, both slugging it out in Wimbledon right now. Any game for that matter, unless there is a thing as we share the trophy, six months each till next year! Well I have experienced that scenario once in a Rugby tournament during my playing days. We decided after the extra time & penalty kicks that we might as well take half honours instead of an outright WIN or become the only champion, yes both team Captians decided that should be better! All the team players agreed, because they were all dead tired and exhausted.

In this unique case maybe at that point of time both Captians decided that was the best decision, sort of win-win situation, for the best of both teams, both going home as winners and no real losers! That is call a compromise, negotiated and agreed upon on a level playing field called RUGBY, they do not called it a “A Ruffians Game, Played by Real Gentleman for no Reason”!

But now we have real ruffians playing a gentleman’s game called SOCCER or FOOTBALL whatever one wants to call it! From players to officials, they are all a shame to this wonderful game, is it the MONEY, POWER, STATUS, PRESTIGE OR JUST PLAIN GREED!

This extends to international politics as well, or maybe it is vise-versa, absolute power corrupts absolutely, that goes with any doubt, when there is no check & balance, that is what happens, leaders become bigger then KINGS!

They all behave like little ‘GODs’,: ‘my word goes, my wish is always to be fulfilled, do not question my decision, I am always right, you do as I say, I expect absolute loyalty, I know what I am doing, you are either with ME or against Me and the list goes on’!  

So does anybody really want to share a cake or power for that matter for the good of all MANKIND, big question with no answers in sight. Just this morning BBC interviewed former PM Tony Blair about his efforts to find a solution to the Palestinians/Israeli conflict, he sounds positive and optimistic, but the world knows it will not be a stroll in the park type of agreement, B.Clinton tried but failed, his wife, Hillary C. is still trying and we all know it is not as easy as it all seems to be!

Anyways, try we must to foster peace and coexistence, for the betterment of the human race, wherever one maybe, no matter what colour, creed, believes and diversity! The human race survives because they engaged each other, not by killing each other, they prosper by helping each other but not by bombing one another. Well lets all & see if it does happen, does the human being really have good brains and good intentions or is it that, IT IS THE other way around, all because of the dirty word called -“GREED” !


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