June 27, 2011

The world practices what?

Innocent till proven guilty or guilty till you can prove you are innocent?

What does the law of the land say?

Otherwise we are all going to be in BIG trouble!

Just in that case, a court must get all the credible evidence and correct evdience to convict a person who is charged, before that he is allowed to defend himself.

Now we have something called evidence, but still it IS still subject to scrutiny and axaminations for fear it is FAKE!

WITH modern & so sophisticated technology today it is so possible that things can be made-up! Why should we bothered, one may asked, well today somebody is facing the music, god forbids one day we might be the chosen one instead!

We must be aware of our rights and our motto: “Innocent till Proven Guilty, without any shandow of doubt, the minute there is a 0000.09% doubt the case is considered flawed and must be thrown out!”

The animal kingdom does not have ritual killings and summarily executions, genocide or any mass murders for that matter, why can’t the humans learn something about coexistence and living in PEACE together, not harming, threatening or killing each.


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