Malaysian Team

June 24, 2011

The soccer team showed us they can WIN with just 10 men for half the game, good. They can win! But the bigger picture is why does one turn to playing dirty, and think one can get away with IT, Hey we have a thing called technology today, even if the referee and lines-man can’t see it the whole world saw it. Sending-off with a RED Card is a bad thing. The team almost lost, if that had happened could he still face the 27 million Malaysians and all his other team mates? Players must grow up and become true professionals, not only demanding to be PAID like one, but must behave and have the attitude as one too!

This cheats and fakes have no place in any team, not mine for sure! Sportsmanship is all about playing a fair & clean game! Win as you can but cheating and fooling the referee is no gentleman’s honour! The laser shone & thrown at opposing team players inside the playing field only shows how unruly our country is! Can’t the PDRM and FAM do something about IT!

Even the ruckus before the kick off before the FA Cup finals recently was a shameful incident, are we following the foot steps of western culture of football hooligans! Please clean up the lovely game quickly, already FIFA is in shambles with bribery scandals and FAM itself has hands full about bribing cases still unresolved, we do not need these goons and morons!

Yes I would say SYABAS to the whole team, but they must learn this bitter lesson, so that they do not repeat the same mistakes again, and hopefully to progress and improve their discipline further for the upcoming games ahead. Must remind them that they represent the RAKYAT of this country, with the jerseys on their BACKS!

Sacked them and ban them for life from playing, seeing and involving in this lovely game, it has become very ugly NOW!


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