Fools Game

June 24, 2011

When a King, PM, President or any head of state commits a Crime does he gets away scot-free of has he been given Immunity, just like in the Game Shows?

This has been a trend for some time around this world, even confirmed killers, mass murderers and convicts gets to have his/her day in Court, to proof that they are not guilty as charged! Here we have no need to charged but already proven guilty COURTS running the whole show!

Isn’t it a JOKE, war criminals like President Bush Sr and Jnr all must be pulled into international courts to be tried as war criminals, killing thousands around the world, but this whole world isn’t fair and justice is selective, that is about all.

What happens if a poor man steals a bottle of milk to feed his poor hungry child, he is charged double-quick time and sentenced double-quick time, is this what we call justice, when billions have been stolen and gone forever, yet they walk free and live like KINGS still!

This world is crazy, the leaders are crazy morons. The people get angry, they will eventually turn on this rouges and trouble will start, just like in Northern African states, do you blame the people, they live with minimum food and bread, whilst crazy leaders throw away the food!

The time will come when the heat ain’t going to be contained anymore, just like a volcano waiting to burst! When it erupts, all hell breaks loose, we are at the edge of this scenario, mind you anytime soon. It will just happen, no such thing as be patient & be cool, it has been long enough of this nonsense and bullshit!

Some people can be fooled all the time, some most of the time and yet some, only sometimes, but MOST are no fools they thought us to be!


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