NS Football Cheats & FIFA

June 9, 2011

For a brief moment, the world stood still against all the allegations thrown at FIFA over the corrupt practices they are faced with or accused of! Even the President and Deputy was not spared. But at the end of the day nobody knows exactly who the innocent or guilty party is! Each has his say, and the victor walked away smiling, the wounded and injured left to lick his wounds!

It is after all “MONEY” that matters! Big money is being played out from the BOOKIES worldwide and the Governments themselves who wants the World Cup staged at their own backyard, just to make money,  again it is about “M”! Why can’t this once beautiful game be left alone, for once! Politics and dirty hands are all involved, I for one do not think that the President himself is “CLEAN” !

HE STANDS TO LOSE EVERYTHING IF VOTED “OUT” – the status, money, perks, fun and games he has been thrown with for more than 3 decades! Heads of states would welcome him and feed him with anything he wishes to gain his favours! He and his small team of MAFIA call all the shots, without being challenged, sounds more like the UN! 

Just take a good re-look at the live TV/Media conference held just one day before the elections! How he reacted and behaved, looks, sounds and behaves like a MAFIASO alright! How he cannot hide his “BODY LANGUAGE” when thrown with sensitive questions, fidgeting the microphones even though they are perfect, he is as guilty as the others who were accused of corrupt practices…it is a dead give away!   “WHAT CRISIS” – is there any, he shouted at the media people, it is just difficult times he said”. 

It is about time somebody blows the whistle on HIM. MUST get rid of him for good, maybe then football will have a brighter future!

Should I say that the Malaysians are no different from this goons, we still have desperate people who have sold their souls to the DEVIL, for a mere 1K they sold the GAME, what kind of a coach would do that, off course he gets “MONEY” again, big money from the BOOKIES off course, he makes 10 folds and was stupid enough to give his players just 1K…maybe more would have made the squad shut up! 

This is not going to end here, trust and believe me!  BOOKIES ARE WORLDWIDE – the betting industry is Billions for the taking & making, why should they quit, it is an easy, fast and risk free sure make money venture!  



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