Desperate Times call for desperate measures

June 8, 2011

Things don’t look to good right NOW, the economy, the political scene and the social environment too is in shambles. So, day in & day out, stories keeps flying like nobody’s business, may it be good or bad, or stinks it is everywhere!

PRICE OF GOODS AND SERVICES SEEMS TO BE SKYROCKETING. The leadership says we are taking care of things and do not worry it does not affect the majority of the populace! Lol and behold, is it so? Are we so sure? Or just a magic show and propaganda again.

Things in this land sure is simple and funny. If a hike in price happens it is a chain reaction -‘0’ me everything goes UP for sure, nothing stays DOWN except the leaves on the ground!   Be patient says the power that be! We can overcome it, our prices are most compatible amongst all of these REGION!

The amount of legal suit will be fantastic for the lawyers I guess! Tons of money will be made, lots of controversies and scoops!

Desperate measures for deperados! It will not end anytime soon, but much more coming soon!


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