The Motorbike

May 27, 2011

In this country the Government has recently made a study to say that the causes of accident is MOTORBIKE and its users, the age group being 26-35  are the  high risks group. Yet everyday in my life I see and fear every time I have a motorcyclists in front of me when I drive! Why!

Because the bike is supposed to ferry a driver and a passenger, but here we have 4-5 passengers! Yes, they ride pillion with their wife & kids not knowing what danger they faced or rather chose not to think about the consequences if anything does happen! They think it would never happen to them, how wrong can one be! These are kids, sometimes infants (babies) in the early morning rush to work, school and the baby sitter’s house! ALL in one journey, do we blame them, the cost of living is such they can’t afford to buy a reasonable cheap car, so they take the risks day in day out, praying nothing happens!

They do not put on any helmets, I mean only two will have, sometimes right in the middle of the city we can see them zooming pass us! Aren’t the PDRM aware of  this? Wondering!

If anything does happen the poor babies and kids are forever lamed, fractured for life! I pity the man of the house, at times I get very angry, saying stupid FATHER taking that risks!

The government must make a true and honest effort to allow the prices of cars to be reduced, the poor rakyat is 70% they just cannot afford to own  a car, let the people get a better deal, make everyone own a car at least a 2nd hand car will do for these poor families, and reduced the risks they are taking.

In the USA one can buy a 2ND HAND  good working condition car for USD400-500 bucks! Not a joke, here you can hardly buy a 2nd hand motorbike! Even a brand new Kanchil cost more than RM30K++ for that money dollar for dollar you can own a HONDA CRV! IT IS JUST SO REDICULOUS!   


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