May 27, 2011

FIFA is in a hot soup, this time the world will really know how stinking this crap organisation is, it has been hiding itself for so long, and now finally the Video has caught them with their pants all down. It has been said, they are the richest cheats in the world of sports!

Football will never be the same again! The fact that they refused to use the Video and Playback as proof of cheats shows they are the real CHEATS! The Rugby Union has once and for all played a fair game to players, spectators and the referee! Just imagine 30 guys after a small ball, who is to know whether it is indeed a TOUCH DOWN or OTHERWISE!

TENNIS is another sport who upholds the gentlemen’s game, of fair play and honesty, I guess Badminton will follow pretty soon too! The speed of these games are incredible, just watch the 100M dash, by the thousands of a second separating the winner and the others! That is fairness to the athlete.

With a host of accusations thrown at the President and the wannabe, it is the greatest shame ever brought to the Wonderful Game. After how Maradona cheated they never learn their lessons! How cruel it is for the losing team. Hope this will signal a new beginning and a good change.


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