DVD and VCD’s

May 27, 2011

The 999 series on TV3 every thursday night has shown the Cops raiding premises producing illegal and pornographic materials, all over the place. Good job, but who are the real kingpins really? They never seem to be able to shut down these operatives! Wonder WHY and HOW they always get away!  

Yet we can see almost every pasar malam selling openly cheap and affordable pirated tapes, day in & day out, even in street corners everywhere in town every night! Nearby to any Mamak stall, nicely laid out for all to see & buy! How come there is not action taken, does the PDRM know about it, every night without fail the cops on motorbike does their rounds and yet nothing happens, is it the crooks are so powerful or the cops are powerless!

Somebody must be answerable, the cops and the peddlers who is the real BOSS of the Bosses!


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