May 26, 2011


They have finally apprehended the most wanted Serb General, huray, is it becos they really wanted to arrest him! Was it becos they have their own agenda for doing so! The EU ticket and full membership, just like Turkey, it was an arm twisting agreement to be a club member. The world saw what happened to the first trial of the Leader, he eventually died without having a sentenced passed, the 2nd trial is still ongoing, a fugitive who evaded detection and arrest for a number of years, and god knows when he will be punished and sentenced, before he dies in prison !

Now, the whole of EU says, half of your membership status is qualified Serbia! On the run for 16 years, all rather being hidden and kept safe and alive by somebody I guess! How can the government be so careless, they cited Osama as another fugitive of WAR, one who was never put to court and tried for whatever crimes against humanity he was charged for, but executed in double quick time, rather assassinated, the right term to be used!

They say that there is one more General running and hiding still, probably the last wanted War Criminal of the Bosnian conflict, what about those who pulled the trigger, raped and slaughtered the innocent kids, women, elderly and defenceless? Are they not also CRIMINALS? THE GENOCIDE in Africa soil has yet to be settled, and we have another round of human sufferings in Northern African states! The Hague will never be able to do justice to all these crimes against HUMANITY, FOR HUMANS WILL CONTINUE TO KILL EACH OTHER! Somehow, somewhere, sometime, someday and it never ends!

Sadam Hussin faced a trial at least to say, and summarily executed for the whole world to see! The world sees daylight & darkness, but the international community decides what we should see and what we should not, Osama’s body was never shown and never revealed, and people asked WHY? Is there different justice for different criminals, might as well just declare somebody a criminal and go hunt him down  & shoot him dead then!    

Sounds like the old WILD WEST STORIES, even seems like just shooting the RED INDIANS type of movies we see on the TV! COWBOY’s and their families are always the poor victims out in the WEST! INDIANS ARE ALL MEANT TO BE KILLED! We also see that the ‘CROWDS’ or Germans were all baddies and fit to be killed at first sight, same with the Japs in all the movies churned out ny HOLLYWOOOD! The world’s biggest and best hate war machine & propaganda tool ever seen! So were all the tyrants of Vietnam – the VC or known as Vietcong all killed by the good man called “RAMBO”.

At times it is difficult to separate reality and fiction we see on the idiot box! So much for the ever popular reality TV series which runs all over the world in hundreds of game shows and in hundreds of languages! Things are different for different folks, it depends on where you come from and what you speak, eat and wear, I guess! Culture is not and never the same, the boss says what he pleases and gets away with it, whatever he does can be justified I guess! Humans therefore has different RIGHTS TOO!

It all depends who and what you are! The world is seeing hypocrisy at its BEST!


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