Questions to Be Asked

May 4, 2011

If Barack Hussein Obama can ONLY tell the world the truth how nice would it be!

But he choose not to, because he ain’t got nothing but Lies!

He said they knew where Osama was, they confirmed it with DNA !

Against whose sample of tissue or blood was it tested!

Did any member of his family or siblings give DNA samples voluntarily ?

How can we trust this Black fellow?

They had a video conferencing attack mode beam across the globe into Pentagon or White House, how nice, if someone can find the REAL tape and upload on U-Tube! That would be the ideal icing on the cake!

Wikileaks would pay billions for IT!

The minute the story was released, the whole USA rejoiced, including small little children – guess they have been indoctrinated to HATE OSAMA & all Muslims, because all are TERRORISTS ! After 11 Sept, the world changed, its either you are with me or against me – THE US POLICY STATEMENT STILL STANDS!

G.BUSH refused to attend the “DEATH PARTY” celebrations in Washington, OBAMA gets a slap in his Blackie Face !

See how uncivilized Yankees can be, from the first days of occupying the WEST they have never been able to change in their attitudes! All others are stupid unless you are WHITE AND YANKEE!

THIS Blackie is just another poodle of the Yahud’s, buying his time for another term for popular support!

The real issues he cannot resolve, the financial crisis may never END, US is a bankrupt NATION!THEY KNOW THAT & THE WORLD KNOWS ABOUT IT TOO!  By the way “It is called diversion” an old trick which still works today, because science says that the human brains can only keep info and remember things for that long only, as new issues crops up, older ones are forgotten! It’s done by every Government and everywhere! That is also called POLITICS!



B.H. OBAMA WILL BE REMEMBERED IN HISTORY AS THE FIRST FOR MANY THINGS – 1ST BLACKIE PRESIDENT OF YANKEE LAND! FIRST CONFIRMED PRESIDENT TO ORDER AN ASSASSINATION ! The 1st  best sales person to sell his wares, look how he speaks, a perfect 2nd hand car salesman! 


This is called MEDIA circus, they will spin anything BAD, so it becomes GOOD for sales! After the North African and Mid East Uprising this is the newest story in town, nothing about the Japanese Tsunami and the about to blow up nuclear reactors!

CNN, BBC & Aljazeera are one and the same, bad news always makes the Best NEWS!


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