April 27, 2011

The day will come! Yes, Indeed it will.

As in all things, all good and bad, it will one day END!

We are seeing the real beginning of the end, as stated one of the many signs of dooms day is that: “a race or group of people who once reared sheep, goats and camels will build tall glass towers, one day”!

The proof of other prophecies is seen clearly also as in the many social issues, degradation of the human beings, wars, famines, floods, earthquakes, fires, tsunami & uprisings – all if not most are natural in nature, others man made.

The tallest hotel building is right in front of the gates of the holiest mosques of the Muslim world in Mecca! If it does decide to collapse, it will fall right onto the Kaabah itself, may god forbid!

One may ask, doesn’t the Arabs know about this prophecy? Have they not found it written in the Holy Scriptures? Or they are just blind & ignorant, or that is the real work of the almighty to inform us all the END IS NEARING, signs are an abundant!

Only we do not bother to open our hearts & soul to see it all!

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