April 27, 2011

I mentioned about Justice earlier, now what we all see is Injustice in front of all our eyes!

There are humans all over this world that loves to shut their brains, hearts, eyes, ears and pretend nothing happens, even though it happens on a daily basis! I can’t and never will be able to comprehend what sort of a soul these people have !

Why do humans like to bully and victimized another fellow creature he calls HUMAN!

Doesn’t god says he created us all equal?

What are in the minds of this people who tortured, raped and killed others, just to protect themselves, families, friends & their cronies?

They must have hearts made out of stone and defiantly very icy-cold!

Don’t they realize that one fine day all will end and that judgment day shall prevail and justice will then prevail without FAIL!

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