April 16, 2011

After weeks of high anxiety finally the curtaian is drawn in Land of the Hornbills, guess another 5 years of torment, hopefully there are still logs, birds, fish and game left after this.

Most of all hopefully no more innocent girls are raped and dumped! This country has seen the dirty hands and dirty tricks/tactics!

When will this all end?

The change came but not big enough, putrajaya seems secure for the moment, but anything can and could happen, the peoples of mainland may not be easily fooled. If everyone sticks together and play the cards right, the next Gen Elections-13 could be a turning point.

Be reminded one can never be too sure, the last Tsunami here could repeat itself, with other states crumbling! The game plan must change, new ideas and new strategies must be churned out. All out to woo new voters and get them registered double quick time, educate them as to : “WHAT IS RIGHT & WHAT IS WRONG, WHAT IS GOOD & WHAT IS BAD”!


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