The Games

April 11, 2011

Yet another death in a government building! Well when is this all going to STOP! Haven’t we got enough troubles?

Or we are going for more! Just wondering what is next. How can this nation progress, with all the controversies and problems, nation building is at standstill. Destruction seems to be the way we are heading to. Please wake up, we do not need anymore. Or else the big stick will hit us one fine day, maybe that will wake us all up, Japan suffered another earthquake today at 7.1, just a month after the big one. So do we need something of that sort to shake us up.  

Can someone please do something right. With the Sarawak elections just days away, another round of stupid politics, which stinks and create more trouble for all of us. If they the BN loses what happens, are we heading for broke? God forbid, hopefully no trouble makers and mad dogs stir up the shit.


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