The Crooks

April 5, 2011

They have arrested and detained and later release a TOP OFFICIAL from the Customs Dept, he is a Datuk, therefore  a state high official can be found to be dishonest! What kind of a leader is HE? Does he knows how to lead, or is he leading a bunch of crooks? Him being the chief CROOK?

The reports said that husband & wife both belongs to the same outfit! Why in the world are they doing such dastardly act, don’t they have any brains, conscience and feeling of guilt? Don’t they have parents, siblings, children & relatives, what more co-workers!

Or are they such dumb idiots as to have statched away so much of cash in their home, not only cash but with loads of fire works and contraband cigarettes as well! My gosh what else did they have that we the public did not know which the raiding party knew!

I can’t imagine all this can and could happen, why and what is happening to this country, does it spell DOOMS DAY is just around the CORNER! Top officials have been in the past HUNG for their misadventure and transgressions, don’t they ever learn anything from history. Or are they just gullible, stupid and moronic and say “if others can do it, and get away, why can’t WE!”

The problem now is they did it and got CAUGHT, innocent till proven guilty, YES with damn bloody good lawyers they can get scot free, I guess, but the image and damage has been done, no matter what one things or feels otherwise! They were caught RED-HANDED, evidence all plain, clear and simple to all the country to hear and see. What has the DG of Customs got to say about IT, he is keeping mum I guess, speechless, so to speak!

Or maybe this is just another bogeyman tactics, just catch one small little fry or little black goat and hang his balls & fry him, while the bigger DRAGONS & GIBBONS escape!    Just another story to pacify the RAKYAT, who is yearning for action against corrupted officials. The many others who were investigated previously was found “NOT GUILTY” – due to lack of evidence! So many including CHIEF MINISTERS, EX-MINISTERS, DY MINISTERS, BIG NAMES POLITIKUS…..and you can count ON AND ON… some even DEAD!

Is this just another “BUY-ELECTION” cartoon show?




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