March 27, 2011

We are having a crisis back home and we need to divert the attention, so we have a Tsunami story today…the FLOM had this to say: “over development IN JAPAN causes TSUNAMI”! 

THE GLOBAL SCIENTIST HAVE TO SCRATCH THEIR HEADS BALD IN TRYING TO UNDERSTAND THAT NEW FINDING! I do not want to mention where else they are all scratching too!

My story may be a few days too old and weeks maybe, but it blinds me oh me god ! What have we here? A new finding – volcanologists, earth quake experts and including tsunami guru as well it’s a 3-1 instant expert.!

How lucky this country is,  yes the FLOM, she not only can sing, now she has taken up three new fields of studies, those days only KIDDIE SCHOOLS.

The PM is very lucky, he has great help, new brains, new ideas, new schemes. The most favored PM ever, and the most wise 2 i/c or second in command right behind him all the way, and everywhere he goes she goes! Sometimes he is left behind!

So who says we are not LUCKY to be a MALAYSIAN?



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