March 27, 2011

This country is predominantly Malays and they are automatically Islam in religion!

Why are they fighting each other one may asked? Politically as well as physically at times!

The Islamic states in Mid East and also Northern Africa is also on a hot tin plate, question is why are Islamic countries all on the brink of a Civil War? Why are their rulers, leaders and governments all so fragile? The answer lies in themsleves I guess! No populace will like turmoil, conflict and hard times, it only makes life more difficult than it already is, with financial crisis, jobless youths and a bad economy. Why are they taking to the strests then? Frustration, stress, lost of confidence, feeling of being cheated and misled, I think it is combination of all.

 So, this phenomenon is unusual or what?

Once upon a time in a far away land call SOMALIA they had the very same problems, all if not 99% were Moslems and yet KILL each other on a daily basis, up to even now, peace is never a priority and far from getting near to IT! That is because of political beliefs and allegiance. All in the name or party first and religion second!

Isn’t that ironic and mind-boggling? I said before that we may be worst than them one day. Even in Bosnia we have seen how ethnic hatred and revenged can destroy a nation. In the African continents the Tutsi’s and Hutus hacked each other to death also. Civil wars are all over the place, may it be in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe has finished their wars, but it may flare up if things are not properly managed! 

Are we heading towards that direction? I trust that we will not pick that route to total anarchy and destruction. Looking at the so-called current state of affairs, the future seems a bit hazy and gloomy. 

My dreams of living in peace and harmony seems to be dwindling by the seconds, my wish and hope is for the leaders to come back to their senses and let not the head and emotions destroy this country all of us call HOME.

Let the good & kind-hearted RULE, let the good overcome the evil, let the tyrants be sorted out and most of all lets wake up and stand up and say NO!



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