The ALL-lies

March 21, 2011

They bombed Libya and they tell the world that they are there to help save lives of the innocent, why did they wait for so long, as I have mentioned previously, the UN sits on its high chair and play politics while people die. They have their cigars and coffee while they think about the losses.

Finally, they come out with a Resolution, after much has been destroyed and others lay dead nation wide! They were bombed to smitten! Rag tag soldiers are born, with a few marching orders they take up arms and shoot in the AIR, not knowing that when the round returns to earth, somebody’s head might be HOLED!

Why did they not do something when the Israel Army bombed the Palestinians, the whole UN and EU plus USA kept silent and just came out with statements and warnings! NATO – No Action & Talk Only! Now they are so concern, with battleships, submarines and fighters all lined up for the kill.

For weeks they studied the Libyan forces locations and weak points before they launched the hundreds of Tomahawks. Maybe more than what they actually really reported, the death is reported to be 45 and injured 150. Still yet to be verified?      

THEY ALL LIED AND CONTINUES TO TELL lies! They are the All – lies! Not ALLIES ! 

This is hypocrisy !


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