The Tragedy – Japan

March 19, 2011

With the Tsunami and Earthquake just after a week ago, the world suddenly realized that Nuclear power is not safe and not viable if there is a disaster such as this unfolding. The experts from all over the world said their piece. European nations are thinking hard, if it does happens to US – scenario!

The bottom line is NATURE cannot be controlled! The powerful Forces of nature is no mans’ match, lest man thing they are smart.

The cheap cost to generate the power is not an option, the dangers outweights the Money factor! The environment is already abused, with the Reactors about to blow up or melt down, many more lives will be lost, already 6K declared dead and another 11K missing, how many more deaths awaits!

Do humans ever learn, that nature is best left alone, we are not their masters, they are OURs!


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