The Next Domino

March 19, 2011

Weeks ago I wrote about the continuation of the dominos to fall.

Libya is going on a full-scale massacre of its citizens, the MAD DOG will not stop & will never surrender, he has nowhere to go to, he has no more friends or allies. His money now is frozen,  what is left are those blinded by his hard cash payments and his sons’ goons with the remaining arsenal for him to kill as many as possible.

His claims of ceasefire was a bluff from day one, how would not think twice to Just KILL! He is a broken dog, waiting to be shot by either his own bodyguards or his own sons. He claims he is the saviour of the people, but the world has seen proof he is the Real Devil.

With the UN – No Fly Zone approved, we shall see what the action will be like? No troops will want to walk the streets, lest they are MAD! Probably a very massive bombing mission by the NATO and US/British fighters on all his assets and stronghold. Many more will die with this mission.

The other nations: Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi even is only waiting for the D-Day! This year really started with a BANG, wonder how it will end. Haiti and Ivory Coast is no better another big fight looming ahead.


One Response to “The Next Domino”

  1. mangchik Says:

    As usual Israel is an exception to the rule? The sheer hypocrisy of the west and its lackeys while ‘turning the other cheek’ in condoning the atrocities committed by Israel not only to the palestines but the region make me wanna puke. The UN must have had their blinkers on in forgetting the massacre in Sabra and Shatila where the casualties were even recorded higher. Y the double standard? The current despot/dictators are apparently ‘puppets’ to the US and Israel Regime, USD 1,5 billion of militart aid n a minute portion trinkling to the egypt masses suggests more of a bribe to the ruling elite oppress and suppress the downtrodden. Obviously Israel is quivering n quiet as mouse while the US as usual is flexing ‘haram’ muscle in behind the scene? Black gold rules dude. Lest we forget, Wa makaru wa makarallah , wallahu khairul makirin ~ ‘They (the musyrikin) plan and Allah plan , and Allah is the best of plans’

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