The Malaysian Delima

March 6, 2011

The Astro History Channel 555 showed the CPM story again just last night, we have ex-Police Officers & Ex-Communists coming forward to talk about their experiences from 1948 -1960 and the 2nd Emergency from 1969 -1989.

I wonder what the real agenda was after-all all these years of hardship and turmoil, what is the nation  going to gain from bringing out that dark era again?

Everyone lost something, somewhere, somehow and someday it would be just HISTORY, plain and simple, the pain, the agony and endless animosity will not go away, if the nation persist on digging up these dark days.

The Malays have been hurt, the Chinese have been hurt the Indians and all others have been hurt, no body have been spared at all!

Some came out saying : “I wont Forgive & Neither will I Forget”!

Are we all saying, “wait the day will come and I will revenge  for the dead siblings, uncle, brother, sister and father!

Then there is a Ex-CT who said: “I will fight to my last breath, the last drop of my blood and I will never ever Surrender”!


ARE WE AFTER 54 years of Independence and still waiting for the day to KILL each other and still holding these grudges?

When can we unite as a NATION – 1 Malaysia?

Can Najib please explain?



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