The New Game

March 2, 2011

This title is just meant for the reading pleasure of all folks.

The world is seeing a drifting sand effect amongst long-standing Regimes, some say it is high time, people wake up from their sleep, to seek for a better future and brighter chance.

Others say it was inevitable, just a matter of time people become smarter or braver, yet there are those who say the economics and heartache drove them to this juncture!

There are still some who says it is the Technological advancement and IT – twitter, FB and hand-phones which took it to the unprecedented level we are witnessing in front of the TV! Yes the TV and media again playing the role of the stimulus to people’s MIND!

The effect is overwhelming, even the USA and EU could not belief what they are seeing, it happens in Europe, wide-spread protest and resentment when the financial crisis occur not to long ago.  It was dealt with swiftly and successfully.

Just had to pump in more money and reduced the interest rates and created more jobs opportunities, that’s it, problem solved quickly. But the current situations differs, the mentality, the state of affairs and the hatred seems deeply rooted and embedded.

There is still another theory that agent provocateurs were used and systematically planted in these nation states, to create turmoil with a secret & naughty agenda.

It could be some vested interest are planning to rid off the current regime and appoint new players into the game after the old guards have out lived their purpose!

Just like the poor chap Saddam Hussein & Co.

After all these states have lots in common, OIL ! The black GOLD!

The question  now is, Who wants it MOST ?!

There is even another theory that says, the region must be destabilized for a greater plan and cause, somebody has plans, real big ones! It is off course for their own survival and prosperity!

Yet, there is also another theory which says, it is a diversion from a bigger problem at home! The world cannot have long-lasting peace, since the time beginning, many countless wars have been fought, amongst each other or against the neighbours.

So, is there anything NEW?

We will wait for the final outcome, after all, this is just the beginning of many more  regimes to fall, just a matter of ” WHO IS NEXT”?



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