The Waiting Game

February 25, 2011

The “Pirates” who supported and gained from the oil deals are certainly counting their losses more than the lost of innocent lives in LIBYA. They give little thought of the atrocities that is happening right in front of their eyes, even though it is plain and simple that innocent lives are taken brutally !

The USA and UK have denied their involvement in supplying and supporting the regime, through hard wares which is killing the people. Other EU countries are also in collusion with the MAD DOG.

There are also other nations in Africa and Latin America who have becomes friends of this despot leader, strangely they feel no guilt at all. I guess business and making money over rides what is right and wrong in this cruel world.

The US President is in deafening silent mode, though some statements and rhetorics came out from his mouth, NATO, No Action Talk Only, as usual because their interest there is huge. US Oil & other oil companies will suffer if the deals are stopped and the new regime cancel all existing deals done by the MAD DOG!

There goes democracy and transparency, fair play and justice. Now it says maybe 2,000 lives had been lost, these reports are not verified and collaborated, but the brutal regime ain’t going to stop unless the international community assert affirmative actions against the MAD DOG.

He can’t run any where and he knows it well enough, no country will risk being called a pariah or traitor to accept him. Some say Venezuela or may be Zimbabwe will take him in, that is if he can get out without being lynched!

His sons are also pushing the panic button, trying their best to wrestle back some form of control through desperate means, using mercenaries and some soldiers who are madly loyal to the regime.

His daughter Alia is in a denial MODE, can we blame her? She has good reasons to support her father, no matter what blood is always thicker than water. The rest of his sons are just buying time and will eventually try to escape to a safe heaven, if they could.

Otherwise it would be like the sons of Saddam Hussein. All rounded up for the final trial, with obvious sentences and long jail terms. If they are lucky, otherwise they face the wrath of the people they have lied to and denied of their rights for years!

That is the world we live in today, money and business takes priority over all other issues ! The rights and wrongs are of no concern, yet they shout about from the top of the hill, it as though others are BLIND!

When are they going to do away with the UN. It has no bite and sits around drinking coffee and trying to come out with a statement or ridiculous resolution, which the worlds are bored.

This is pure hypocrisy of the highest order that the world is witnessing. We are not going to see a stop to this anytime soon.


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