Who is NEXT

February 14, 2011

The powers are no longer with guns and weapons. The real power is the man in the streets. Off course the most powerful is the Almighty. He decides everything in the END.

Super powers think they are superb, not really as proven time and time again! It will dawn on human kind that any regime which is cruel and wicked will eventually bite the dust.

Such is the nature of things, but humans tend to forget where they came from and  where they are heading to. Lets be practical and honest so that no evil regime still existing think that they are safe for long, just a matter of time they will be fallen.

Time is running out and the more evil they do the faster they will fall, they think they can fool everyone and every time, all the time. The answer is a big NO! The Middle East has been a sad affair, rich by any means but the poor are a plentiful, the rich & powerful thinks they are protected, how wrong again they are!

It is already injury time now, the whistle will be blown pretty soon. Hopefully there will be no more blood shed and spilled in the very near future, for those who sacrifice their lives and gave their all, shall never be forgotten and forever remembered, for they were the brave ones, who dared and did the ultimate.

Their names and faces will forever be honoured & remembered, for bringing that important change.


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