The New Game

February 11, 2011

The game is over but it isn’t as YET!

The Egyptian dictator has decided to step down, YES, but who is going to take charge, the Military, is it just another game?

Well many a military regime in this world has seen disaster, almost all if not all, have abused their powers, once they sit in the chair, with guns and bombs at their disposal, they forgot their role!

We shall see in a couple of days and months ahead will they keep their promise, for a free and fair elections, restore peace, law & order, release political prisoners and persecute the guilty ones!

It is a lesson learnt, two countries fell within a month each, why because the leaders were all TYRANTS of the modern era, Pharoah’s.

Other dictators should take heed and repent and redo things the right way, otherwise their fate will and shall be the same!


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