The End Game

February 11, 2011

The games that is played will eventually end, some will win and many will lose, who ever looses feels BAD, the victor always smiles and walks away feeling happy, after all it is the feeling of satisfaction!

That is the game of football or soccer as some may want to call IT !

It has been said Football: ” A gentleman’s Game Played by RUFFIANS!

& RUGBY :  “A ruffians game played by true GENTLEMAN”!

HAVE YOU EVER WATCH A RUGBY GAME…has anyone seen a player argue with the referee, if he is SENT OFF…?

BUT LOOK… and see and watch all the matches may it be world cup, European cup, all the EPL’s, European League….all the time they argue and if possible kick the poor REF!

Most sickening is they FAKED injuries, DIVE, plea for penalties, all of them are so called professionals…..I mean ACTORS….!

So, these is the real facts of life….this world is made up of lots of fakes…duds…humbugs…!

So it is also the same with politicians…they are the Uno Numero in this field! Trust me !


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