The Change

January 29, 2011

We must always remember that the famous, powerful and biggest of empires have grown and finally fallen. All in the name of self destruction. They forget it is the people that gave them the power – or rather empowered them to where they were/are!

The so called leaders have forgotten that they are accountable, answerable and most of all removable as well. Guns, sticks and stones cannot stop a revolution, what more draconian laws and persecution.

The human being is a very funny and capable animal, his instincts are still very animatistic in many ways. He will fight tooth and nail to survive when the going gets tough.

Tunisia has fallen, Egypt and Yemen could be next to fall, the Islamic nations have been too long ruled by ruthless and unscrupulous leaders, who thinks they are divine!

I am the least surprise that many will follow suit as well, we have seen Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan and others fall. Saudi is just a ticking time-bomb, when it is ripe enough it will fall as well.

The Army & Police can do only that much, they are after all humans also, with wives, kids, uncles, cousins and aunts who are just plain citizens of the land, who seek freedom and justice for themselves and their loved ones!

Is it wrong to go against the evil regime, the devil, the cruel and the criminals who claims to be our legitimate rulers and leaders!


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