Ipoh Curry Mee

January 12, 2011

What is mee curry from Ipoh like?

It has the following:

1. Mee Kuning off course.

2.Taugeh-aka bean sprouts.

3. Fish ball (original).

4. Kerang aka cockles (half cooked).

5. Daun bawang – fresh onion stalks chopped.

Then there is the Mee Kicap….mixed with :

A bit of curry soup, kicap manis/masin/pekat/white pepper included.

YOU never ever going to get this elsewhere!


2 Responses to “Ipoh Curry Mee”

  1. mangchik Says:

    the place got a name aa skot, tell la, buat air lior meleleh je..

  2. kedai ni kat super kinta, the new market…you back track for 2 blocks,,,it is a small gerai besides the road, you can never miss it

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