Who is The REAL BOSS?

January 11, 2011

The year is moving faster than expected, many new developments and also disappointments! We are only about two weeks ole in 2011.. mind you!

1. Fuel Hikes = everything NAIK HARGA ! A chain effect that happens and never ever comes down, the only things that comes down is rain, falling leaves, bird shit and idiots jumping off planes ( which are in good condition).

2. Faulty Results – TBH my distant cousin’s court findings – a hung judgment or out of this world verdict whatever one wants to call IT !

3. Election Fever – everyone is making guesses as to when the Sarawak state and GE -13 will be held, crystal ball gazers and palm readers, fung shui experts all having a good time making money out of bloody FOOLS !

4. Many heads will roll soon, got a gut feeling telling me so, politicus types, many more court cases, accusations and blame games, distorted dirty news are a plentiful.

Finally, after keeping silent and dormant, who is the REAL BOSS by the way?

Who runs the show?

Who is really in-charge of things?

Who calls the shots?


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