North Vs South

November 25, 2010

If the Koreans start a war will it benefit anyone?

Who will suffer? Who is happier ? Who benefits at the END?

Who benefits MOST !

These are the questions which need to be asked, and the answers are not that difficult. The USA is rushing its destroyers and troops towards the Yellow Seas and they will proceed with the exercises with the South. Is it an attempt to make peace or is it an outright  provocation?

It seems that the US on one hand wants to have a peace deal, and in the other hand wants a war to unsettled the region, warnings were given to China and the world knows that the proxy wars and conflicts are nothing new in this world!

These are the new games that they play, it is the year end and there must be a sort of conflict to start off before the year ends so that big defense contractors gets their foot working and gets ready to score big, so called X’mas gift by Santa!

War is always good for the businessman he needs to sell off his old dead stock, from water, food, clothes, munitions, rations, spare parts, tyres, bolts & nuts and you can name a different million parts!

He is the happiest man !

The second & third guys are the Politicians &  Generals, they can get some extras & more pocket-money for their X’mas shopping for their loved ones, whilst the poor GI Joe is sent away from their loved ones, maybe not coming back for good!

Big time defense contractors will sprint to the Pentagon once a conflict is imminent without even any warning required!

See how things work, the saddest and happiest guys!

The shop owners are happy, they get to sell more X’mas gifts.

The parents, wives and kids are the saddest, because papa is going away again!

Both sides will suffer and the brunt of it all will be the civilians, during the interviews on Al-Jazeera, BBC and CNN some have said: ” we are not coming back to stay here anymore”! Both sides of the divide will suffer if war starts again …North & South, there are the innocent victims of the egoistic politicians ! Soldiers remains as pawns just like in a game of chess, many more soldiers will die, the 2 is only the beginning,   the Kings are protected and die last if they do not surrender and make a deal for peace at a latter date!

Their lives are destroyed forever, they fear the end is not in sight and there will be only an escalation of violence instead of a protracted peace thus far! China does not want to toe the line that the US wants them to, from the first instance, no negotiations on the status quo! There are not backing down on US request to reforms on human rights, they ignore the US worry about a weak Chinese currency  benefiting their economy and hurting the US!

So, the Yankees must take positive actions to make them rattle, China does not back down easily and no one can scare them, not even the cowboys!

So, does all these scenarios answer the questions asked earlier?

Who says war in NO GOOD?

It stirs the economy, if nothing is broken, there won’t be any need to repair and rebuild, so the more the damage the better it is! Losing aircraft, submarines and tanks is good news to these contractors, lives are nothing, the US has lost many in Vietnam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. It does not matter as long as the President or his siblings is NOT one of those involved. They just need to have a fantastic show of public sympathy and it continues.

They make the citizens  angry and blame the actions on the terrorists, jihadists and fundamentalists!

Who are the real culprits ?


One Response to “North Vs South”

  1. mangchik Says:

    Welkam back dude! Long time no nus! Merchant of death profiteering from the misery of the common folks. Take care!

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