What Next ?

October 26, 2010


Since the 2011 budget speech and hula bula is over or maybe to others just started, the ‘eco-no-money’ or “ain’t got no money” , all sorts of stories are flying about in town fast and furious.

The Mega Projects have started again, and people say it’s an election budget! We are seeing a resurgence of huge projects, tallest, biggest, widest, longest and what ever they can think of to  make records break in the name of MALAYSIA BOLEH.

Small and little important things are left out, the constant splashing and show off to the world means little to the poor “orang kampong” !

We still have many more important issues, like clean water, electricity and simple amenities that have not reached the entire nation and its people! What is the point of having BAKUN DAM when the “rakyat” is still living in darkness and some only have power 6-7 hours a day?

We have poor quality pipe in water from the JKR or for that matter SYABAS or other private water companies! It is not even safe to brush your teeth with the water, what more drink it ! Can’t we just put a “priority” to this simple issue and a very important material or resources, how many can afford water filters and purifiers in their homes?

We are consuming smelly water, brownish in colour and at times oily as well! Not to mention the amount of lead and rust all put into one cup, make that months and years, and what do we have, we are going to have many cancer patients !

Instead of thinking of making money and selling water, they must ensure that there is sufficient clean and safe drinking water, if they are a responsible “Government”, water is a God given resource, just like the air that we breathe, why make mega bucks out of it? The idea is make just enough to cover operational cost and take care of the people, otherwise when they die, just like in Haiti because of lack of clean water, only than we will be cautious.

The fingers are pointing – cronies must make money, friends must be taken care of, make the “rakyat” happy, take care of the landlords and sink the enemy!

Well, we shall see what is the end game.

The PM is saying that UMNO will and must defend and fight to hold on to PUTRAJAYA even if it means our body is shredded and torn into a million pieces, no giving up, “a do or die mission” ! This mission statement has never been uttered or said by any previous leader of UMNO or BN before this. Even when he was the Defence Minister, for twice, he never said anything to the effect, to defend this country to the last drop of our blood to the MAF!

It has only to possibilities :

1. They are about to lose it !

2. They are sure that they cannot win !

Why this desperation, one cannot be sure of losing a football game until the final whistle is blown ! Look at how MU did what they did to the opposing team, at the 85th minute they still scored and won the match! This never say die attitude is really lacking in our soccer teams and other sports as well.

Sadly enough , it flows down to even the political animals and parties as well, the many Malay Proverb says, : “Biar Putih Tulang Jangan Putih MATA”, “Lawan Tetap Lawan”… “Pantang Nenek Aku Di Cabar”!

There are many more issues that they are facing, the country’s confidence in their game plan is falling and failing rapidly, I wonder what the Think – Tank Team (TTT)  is doing about it.

At the rate that the PM is going he may be replaced pretty soon, much sooner than expected, maybe not from the opposition but from within itself.

If it needs the support and trust of the Nation, it must change, after the last defeat in 2008, nothing has changed for the better, in fact it has become even worst! They never seem to want to learn from their past mistakes, and  instead go on creating more damaging issues and controversies!

IF they fall, it is because of their own doing, not the opposition or any others fault!





2 Responses to “What Next ?”

  1. mangchik Says:

    whatever happen to the “Economic Corridor’ projects initiated by Abdullah Badawi, which also amounted billionof ringgits? Najib is a fast learner but unfortunately malaysians not 😀

  2. mangchik Says:

    Forgot to recommend u this http://www.facebook.com/#!/NoMegaTower 😀

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