October 15, 2010



Games for Money

The new budget says RM 365 Million for development of Sports & Games. RM 20 million to start a football academy in Pekan, Pahang!

I wonder what they are going to do with such a huge some of money? It is about spending RM 1 million a day mind you!

As for the football or soccer  academy, why in Pahang? Why not in other states? More centrally located with other facilities available such as medical experts and what not, that has got more importance!

I have always questioned not only our own sports bodies but the world governing bodies as well on how does one justify to throw away so much of money and yet smile and feel good about it at the end of the day or games.

Just like the not so recently concluded World Cup Soccer in South Africa and the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

The whole world knows that their are millions in South Africa and India that are so bloody poor and so many are homeless, yet we are all so ignorant of their plight and just play a deaf ear and turn a blind eye to all of it!

How many billions were spent on the whole works, from bidding, infrastructure, food, housing, security, uniforms, volunteers etc etc….?

The UN has budget for peacekeeping they say, but others have plans for wars, is not that ironical, somebody starts one and there will be another idiot to try and stop it! Or is it the other way around?

So my question is why does this world like to waste money that way? Just to boost a few peoples ego? Or maybe to just  make some people rich? The suppliers and peoples in power, who can demand for the moon and also the stars if they approve the games. We have heard about so many scams when bidding for the big games starts….buying of votes, bribing…arm twisting you name it!

How many benefit from these spending spree and what does in do to the economy, how does the poor gain? I always say if you buy food, medical supplies and educational products it still makes the economy grow and most of all the people will enjoy some relief!

Instead of spending tons of money on huge new stadiums and facilities, many schools and hospitals could be built.  Many simple homes could be built for the poor. The poor will never be able to enjoy these mega facilities after the games are all over and they still remain poor, homeless and helpless forever!

Now, if the world just sit down for a moment and think about all the suffering in Haiti after their earthquake, the flooding in Pakistan, China, North Korea and the droughts all over the world! Not to mention other health related problems and great poverty! Or does anybody try and imagine the plight of the citizens of GAZA! Where everything is never  available, let alone enough!


Is it not better that all these monies be used for a much better purpose, by helping and giving desperate aid to this countries and its suffering inhabitants?

Can one really imagine what and how they would all be feeling? For every cent or dollar spent on an athlete or a sportsperson, a child can have a glass of milk to drink and a piece of bread to eat, most of all safe & clean drinking water to consume!

So does anyone really cares in this world that there are people who are dying from starvation somewhere, whereas, while many others are laughing and enjoying good meals in the games village!

FOLKS it is the same in this nation we call home and call it 1 MALAYSIA! We still have the hard core poor families, surviving on a day to day basis! Why can’t 1 Malaysia open its eyes and see it? Can they all not be given aid, assistance and the necessary help? They are all in DIRE conditions, some of the children can’t even afford schooling and yet we want to put up RM 111 million to start pre-schools! What is wrong with our leaders? Are they BLIND or STUPID or BOTH!

A Malaysian footballer earns RM 16,000.00 month as his salary, OMG what is happening, and we have cops earning pittance and risking their bloody life on the streets! Waiting for the next MAT REMPIT to run him over dead!

Not to mention a English soccer player or EPL players, they  earn nothing less than $100,000.00 Pounds a week! That is about  RM 500,000.00 per week! Can always ask Wanye Rooney by the way! One month and I will be an instant millionaire back home, and that  is it, for lifelong work we can’t even dream of saving that much as a normal clean policeman!




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