October 15, 2010

This is just one word! But it takes us a long way forward or maybe even sometimes backwards!

We just finish hearing the long budget speech today again for the umpteen time, so to speak.

Is the country happy about it, do we all feel good and thankful or are we all just disgusted with the nonsense!

I wrote not too far back ago and not too long ago that the budget will be tabled!

So does the Government really care for the people, or are they just doing and eye wash and fooling the masses instead?

Everyone out there has their own opinion about what was presented today, yes, the RAKYAT, some of them feel good, the majority will still be thinking what is the PM trying to sell, if not an elections BUDGET, as some would say!

So, lets try and break down the “gist” of it all:

1. GREAT TAX Exemption for 300 over items, was it essential items, which benefits the poor and the real “hard core poor”?


It was all luxury items – bags , shoes, branded clothes & perfume all meant  for the rich and famous to benefit from! By the way who are they actually?

2. No Toll Hikes. Did it matter to road users?

ANSWER: Who is going to pay PLUS their dues…at the end of the day…the BN gormen does have to pay PLUS. Yes, we do not have to pay extra for the next 5 years as individuals, but the money could have been used by BN to built another 100 schools and 20 better hospitals.

3.  More new buildings to be constructed! Do we need any more, the glut in KL is already so bad and yet build more white elephants! Who is going to rent this space!

ANSWER: Some government departments have so much of space that the staff can play futsal inside! They are forced to rent ! New contracts will be out in double quick time, it is UMNO get rich quick scheme anyways! Preparing for the next GE “kitty” and slush funds!

4. Pre School & Pre Learning System allocated RM 111 Million ! Why is there such haste and so much hurry? Is not the current system good enough? The whole house “tumb & bang ” the tables loudly when it was announced, wondered why?

ANSWER: The world knows whose “pet project” this is! Another scheme to fleece the coffers dry double quick time “another get rich quick scheme” aka the new ‘pak man telo’ ! Or maybe it is “telor dah kena pegang”! Let the kids start and explore with education from STD ONE, otherwise start school at age 5 years OLD !

I just wanted to mention on 4 issues only, to go after all of it would be very stressful and indeed heart breaking!

Billions will be wasted and nobody cares, except those who have a heart and ask questions like me! Those who feel that It Could Have Been a Better Budget!

I for one do not subscribe to absolute LOYALTY!

I do not give blind LOYALTY neither am I blind to abuse and waste!They say it is not easy to rule and run a country! They say you can’t be pleasing everyone! They can all say whatever they want! I will say whatever I want and what I can too!

Can the RAKYAT just sit back, just watch and wait for the country to go BUST! Already it has been said we are down the gutters/drain, in the sewer, flowing towards the sea!  Or are we allowed to be disloyal and question their actions ?

My question is, does that give one an excuse to waste and throw away large chunks of money which rightfully belongs to the “Rakyat”. Let us all remind them that they are just temporary care takers and not the real owners!  They have failed in their duty and they have failed the people big time!

I wonder who runs the think tank, or rather is there one or any at all? What are their priorities set for this country? How can they come out with such ridiculous concoction and solutions. The economic state of affairs is bleak and yet they add more troubles!

Lets be reminded that “One fine day, all of us will perish from mother earth, I do hope that they will have the time to reflect upon what they have done and what they do & have still enough time to repent!”


Just a disloyal citizen – who still cares and worry very very MUCH !


3 Responses to “Loyalty”

  1. mangchik Says:

    ‘ The world knows whose “pet project”’ errr u referring to the ‘First lady’ who is the current Agung’s wife perhaps? Not to forget service just went up ..bravo, fancy a cuppa tea old chap or has the price just went up too? heheh 😀

    • mangchik Says:

      typo error – i meant to say ‘service tax just went up’ thanks.

    • This is a strange world my friend
      Remember things happen for a reason
      It is no coincidence
      If Only we can appreciate things better
      We say there is always a “cause & effect” theory!
      Sometimes no causes but has effects!
      Other times have causes but still no efffects!
      Yet there are times no cause and no effect……

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