The Tragic Accident

October 13, 2010

Do we ask ourselves, could it be us inside the bus or one of the vehicles that were involved with the terrible accident at Nilai recently.

The question is who is to be responsible, we do not want to play the blame game but require to identify and try to treat the situation.

The main crusts of the matter is the man behind the wheel, he determines the vehicles direction and everything else.

The driver is only human, he has his weakness and his off days and bad days too!

The factors involving him is his health, mental alertness, his overall state of mind is of utmost important. We have been talking about awareness and safety issues for so long and the statistics are not too encouraging at all.

The question that should be asked:

1.What was his state of MIND on that particular day?

2. Was he stable?

3. Did he had enough rest from his previous day work?

4. Is his family and home all in good condition, any family issues, wife, children and parents?

5. Is he in good health or does he has a medical problem, or any member of his family having some problems!

6. Has he any financial problems?

7. Is he a drinker, smoker, gambler, drug addict or other?

8. Is he a bachelor, married or divorced? Single parent?

These are only the few simple questions which the authorities should be thinking of to try and determine what is the real cause of this tragic day. or does the government feel that there must be certain age limit to become a bus driver.

The scenario also needs to reveal the pay and allowances, is it a factor which needs study, are they chasing after more trips and trying to make ends meet financially every month, or they just too tired because they are on the roads for too long hours?


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