October 7, 2010

“Islam bukan hak ekslusif bangsa Melayu atau mana-mana bangsa. Islam agama Allah, tuhan semua bangsa. Allah sebagai tukang buat manusia dan menciptakan semua manusia dari pelbagai bangsa dan keturunan dan Allah jugalah yang menurunkan Islam untuk menjadi pegangan manusia. Tiba-tiba mana mungkin boleh jadi Islam sesuai untuk satu bangsa tapi tak sesuai untuk satu bangsa lain, seolah-olah bangsa lain ada tuhan lain yang buat, bukan Allah.”


This country is gripped with the word human rights, freedom for this and for that!

The latest episode is none other than the “duit ihsan” for the poor and down trodden in Penang Island State, a gesture done by a non-muslim CM for the very first time since Independence 53 long years ago!

The UMNO accused them of using DUIT HARAM JUDI to give to the “malay mak cik and pak cik” which are deemed all true MUSLIMS! They wanted to return all the RM100.00! Just a hundred only! No big deal, UMNO hand outs could run into thousands and yet they pocket it without any hesitation at all! Is that funny and ironical?


They forgot who approved the gaming and gambling licenses donkeys years and many moons ago! The BN Federal Government are the sole agents of gambling, drinking and fornication as well. Yes, all the fools in UMNO and BN, they were all hammered well & good in return when the state and federal opposition members came back with their salvos of mud and more shit thrown at their faces!


Gentings, Magnum, ToTo, Dai Machai, Big Sweep & SOCIAL & WELFARE LOTTREY DRAWS and the whole works all belongs to the Big Time China Man tycoons..all non muslims! Well and good, every year they give away goodies to all walks of life – may it be to Muslims, Christians, Buddhists even Atheists! Wonder what all the BIG SWEEP does with their “big give away” every year too? Only VT can answer that I guess!

Maybe they say by only giving it to the big time Chinese tycoon it makes the collection of gaming and gambling taxes all halal! They forgot at one time its very chairperson was a Melayu and I do not know, if he was a Islam or Muslim? That was bapak judi – Gentings Resorts World.

They would say we know what and when to give and to whom to give to!

Does UMNO and BN realize that all these monies are packed into one big basket and pays for many expenses the country has!

How can it be so clean that none has leaked into HALAL day to day operations?

How about the many secret funds that UMNO and MCA/MIC received from these gambling dens!

How can they say they don’t think so and do not know about it!

When elections come all the pak cik and mak ciks get “angpows”, kain pelekat, gula gula dan kopi “O” as well….where does these money come from…you mean to say all the Big Shot Ministers and all the YB’s & gangsters take out money from their pay checks/pockets and buy all these goodies for the “orang kampong”.

This is never heard before, what more to be believed!

So if they want to score points and try to hit out at the opposition, give some thoughts to it first! The brains must be clouded and in a state clout, to come out with such a stupid game plan!

When the country shouted and said Gambling is not good, they say it is against HUMAN RIGHTS, the very rights of the so called Chinese individuals and rights of non Muslims!

They want to protect the rights of the Non-Muslims aka CHINA MAN! They reasoned out that if they do not allow legalize gambling the illegal ones still occurs and they are not able to collect any revenue from them! How can you beat them? How do they justify things, such absurd reasoning!

There is no way that the government can curb illegal betting syndicates because they are so well organized and well ‘oiled’. They bribe the whole police force from top to bottom, in fact the whole police station in fact!

Since they are so worried about HUMAN RIGHTS – why not they release or defend those detain inside ISA detention?

Drug Addiction

Why not allow all the drug addicts the country has to continue doing their stuff since it is their right that we have violated, by stopping them from abusing themselves! It is their rights to do drugs, take drugs and smoke drugs! Is not that also HUMAN RIGHTS! We should free all of them from all the Pusat Serenti all over this country and let them grow weed and smoke pot. That way the Government can save billions of ringgit, instead of wasting it on trying to rehabilitate them, this program has failed since its inception, the Government dare not reveal the actual figures of how many drug addicts there are, how many recurring addicts, and how many new ones are born daily in this bodohland! Yes that is a fact, they hide all the truth and waste all the money!  The ones that has been rehabilitated is all DEAD! That is the end story!

Want to know Why?

Because the people entrusted to do the job has failed miserably big time, there are the pushers who pushed and supply drugs to the inmates, it is a well organized syndicate that is running inside the secured walls! The drugs are brought in and sold to the drug addicts, the money is paid through the lawyers, family members and parents of the inmates. Gangsters have cell phones sold to them too for the right price!

Majority of the prison and rehabilitation staff members are all Malays and Muslims, mind you! Yet they betray the trust and hope that the country has on them, to help the poor inmates and yet they are destroying them, and bringing them faster and sooner to their graves! Is this a good Muslim & Malay portrayal in the Government service? Or is it called an Islamic State….or just secular sate all the way!

What religion in this world teaches its followers gambling & taking drugs is a cool thing, and for that matter say it is good for them! Please UMNO nut heads and nitwits, have some brains please.

People the likes of Naeena Merican, the so called Penang hero, I do not really know what they have inside the skulls and small pea brains, except the big courage to come forth with statements that scares the orang kampongs and try to win votes, and make the state government look bad & stupid! Appearing live on the TV & talking nonsense means so much to this little rouge politicians. It shows how foolish and childish they are, what they are all made up of!

The other stupid reasoning given by Malay/Muslim leaders in UMNO is that, the Government will lose a lot of revenue if we do not legalize gambling, there is no way to collect the money and there is no way to control over it. Billions are lost if we let them run illegally, says the clever Minister!

Is UMNO more worried about losing illegal money that is haram or more worried that they will all be questioned when they are all inside the six feet square place call the “final resting place?”

That is only about gambling and all the ill effects of it, families have been and known to have been  ruined and broken up, losers jumped off buildings and some drown themselves, some take over dose of drugs and yet did not even get to reach the foothills of Gentings, they just vanished! The Alongs are just too happy to lend big gamblers more and more! Why bother, after all they are going to get rich with a sure get rich scheme!



The drinking problems we have in this world and what it brings, the sickness & diseases, the early deaths, the accidents and the suicides, don’t we see and hear about it everyday. Can anybody say that it is good for health and creates healthy living, the people who sells all these juices says they have done research here and there and the findings are positive, and big fools trust and believe them! They have all been paid to come out with results that says GOOD for health, off course, otherwise all the breweries will shut down the next day!

So, what difference is there from taking drugs, drinking & gambling?

So, is it worth collecting more taxes from gambling and breweries?

How many Malaysians truly and surely wants gambling and drinking to stay?

They all hate drug addiction that is for sure!

The last part is the way the country enforces religion!

Being a Muslim by birth, or born a Muslim, they say one has no choice in this land, but they do not know how to be thankful, that they were born a Muslim, how it will all finally end! They want to have the right to “choose” it seems. After studying and living all over this world, they must be enlightened hopefully, the orang kampong is not that lucky, he or she stays all their life in one place and die in the same place too. They are all very thankful and appreciative of all things God given, day in day out, till their last dying breath!

So to them, the SO CALLED new breed of Malays, says it is the breach of their individual rights to choose whatever religion they like to profess! To them being a Malay is just good enough, never mine about being a good Muslim!

God almighty says be thankful and I shall shower more blessings upon you! No they are not satisfied, they want to chose, be free it seems! They want to leave the religion, they just want to have freedom and they become “Mutard”! They are to be beheaded, yes, that is the words of the almighty and his words are the truth, no some humans says! : ”that is all very barbaric”! No more applicable now and here in the 21st century! More and more are becoming “mutard” and yet we allow them to still walk the earth, gods wrath will be soon, and it will be swift and very hard!

Throwing and Killing Babies

The endless cases of babies born out of wedlock, all if not the majority are from the Malay Race and are mostly Muslim girls, they just can’t afford to do an abortion, either that or they are just too scared that they will be called “child or baby killers” and that is a sin a very big DOSA! Yet they deliver the child and leave it dying in the parks, throw them into drains and leave it at bus stops and Suraus!


“Pada 1 Oktober lalu, Rosmah dilaporkan berkata, lawatan itu bertujuan melihat sendiri pendekatan yang diguna pakai dalam melindungi remaja yang mengandung tanpa nikah dalam usaha menangani masalah pembuangan bayi yang semakin serius.

Rosmah juga berkata, sebelum menubuhkan pusat perlindungan bagi remaja hamil di negara ini, adalah penting kerajaan mendapatkan pendekatan terbaik daripada segi saintifik dan sistematik seperti yang diaplikasikan di negara lain.

Dalam satu kenyataan hari ini, Idris juga mempersoalkan, kenapa begitu takut hendak merujuk kepada pendekatan Islam yang lebih menyeluruh dan telah terbukti berjaya. Kaedah yang perlu digunakan mestilah merujuk kepada apa yang diajar oleh Rasulullah SAW iaitu pendekatan mencegah dan mendidik,”  Idris Ahmad berkata.

This country now is very proud to have established homes for such mothers & soon to be born fatherless babies! Are we trying to solve the problems or are we encouraging more babies to be born, and have a safe and assured home for them? Which is which now? So now we should have more “pusat serenti” set up so that more addicts can be reformed and be housed! Just like issuing condoms as a preventive measure for AIDS & HIV! Are we trying to educate them or are we trying to encourage more sex adventures. The values of having sex after marriage only to your own spouse should be the REAL MESSAGE!

No religion that I know of again allows pre-marital sex, or encourages it, as well as having multiple partners before marriage. When human wants to play god and thinks they know better what is good for them, the troubles starts.

We also have people who wants’ to change their SEX, yes they prefer to be on the other side, so to speak. Which religion allow such acts, it baffles me so much to think that the word ”human rights” can cover all this sick inclinations! Same sex marriage too, very soon in Malaysia we will also have such arrangements as well. This to me is pure madness!

When Muslims do not care for and do not want to enforce its rules and laws, the wrath shall be brought upon its followers, sooner or latter!

All universal religion that we have in this world known to us all does not encourage, neither does it condones such inhumane acts and practices. Yet we all hear and see people shouting that their human rights’ is being violated!

“For those who are of liberty to pick & choose whatever religion and beliefs you want, so be it, it is your fundamental rights, as  a human. God assures that!”

“to be a good Muslim & the best Human is more important that anything else in this world”

“To you and your religion and your beliefs and me and mine”



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