What Next

October 4, 2010

The economy is not too good, the political situation also not too healthy, the country’s security is also very critical, the crime rate is high and dangerous!

What is going to happen, what is in store for all of us around the corner before the year ends?

We have about 2 months plus, is there going to be more surprises left to be seen?

Or have the worst gone and past us  all?

I am still waiting for the worst, actually there are still many more surprises I feel about to be seen.

The budget announcement will be soon.

The UMNO G.A. is also about to happen !

The Sarawak state elections !

The Galas buy elections again..this time maybe we have a first…an Orang Asal standing as a candidate and if he wins & becomes a YB this country have seen a great leap indeed, we can say !

The next GE ?

Samy Veloo wants to retire with a Tunship and Ministerial Posts, otherwise no deal, I will stay on and continue to torment the BN and UMNO further !

The TEOH BH jump off the building case !

The beauty and 3 others “who is the beast murder case” !

The unfinished PKFZ case !

The DSAI Sodomy II case ! We now have another new twist to the ordeal, another one came forward to say “he was forced to….”

The Bakun Dam for sale issue !

The return of the “lost & sold” fighter jet engines case !

My goodness where are we heading to ?

To list down all the cases and incidents, I may not get to sleep !

My Question Is:

Are we all worried ?

Are we all dreadful ?

Or are we just all unconcern !


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