A New Malaysia

September 30, 2010

I will write this story about how a new Malaysia can look like, and most of all it is just a crazy idea of mine. Never shun a man’s ideas, for it may be in fact a good one!

We are facing such ridiculous circumstances in our racial, cultural and religious differences at the very present moment in this country we all call home.

The Indonesians united the nation by having laws which requires all to have one common name – i.e. Indonesian sounding name, no matter what race or religion one profess! They had one language, but total freedom of religious practices!   Most of the former top badminton players were all Chinese in fact!

Like our country they have a varied component of races & origins, Malays ( made up of Minang, Batak, Aceh, Bugis, Madura and so forth)  Chinese, Indians and Mat Salleh’s too (Dutch). They even went a step further by allowing mixed marriages even with different religious beliefs, that we will not embark into.

They have survived thus far, staying united but had their fair share of problems at times!

Thailand is no more different, everyone has a Thai sounding name, Thakshin is a China Man, no one disputes that he is well off and very powerful. But, does it solve all problems?

So, what makes a country stay together? Even in the USA we have racial and religious strain!

My solution could be :

1. We only allow mixed marriages to happen – i.e no one can marry back into ones race!

2. We allow religion to be the uniting factor instead of dividing factor.

3. One can marry any race accept your own, the religion factor is up to the individual especially for non Muslims.

4. Muslims must marry amongst Muslims of any race.

By doing so, no one can be calling another ‘pendatang’ or names, we are then a true Malaysian race, the colour barrier is negated that way.   Just another wild idea of mine.

The Next Idea.

The former PM said we must make the people Rich, that way we forget about our problems! Maybe it has some truth, when the stomach is full who cares what happens outside!

I would rather make the citizens realized that we are all stake holders of this land, we own this land, we should all make it better for our own selves first, not for others!

Firstly, we should make it much easier to live, we must ensure that we can survive, we want a better quality of life and the best governance possible!

By giving more money to the people, it only lasts that long, it is better we make sure things are cheaper and affordable, giving more  money makes it more difficult, the prices of goods will rise even further making the whole exercise futile! Business  people take advantage every time  there is a pay rise, it follows with price hike in all things!  So, nothing changes, we are back to square one!

Having a good paying job makes the citizens happy, we need not worry of others grabbing the jobs, regulations can be in placed to ensure that our own people secure these available jobs first. We regulate the entrants of visitors and workers, we select who we want. Priorities are set for our own Rakyat first and enforcement must be full proof!

The buying power must increase with the price of goods properly controlled! That makes a lot of difference, it makes the money more valuable and logical. Otherwise, we are wasting our time to try solve the countries issues and problems.

It has been proven that prudent spending and reduced corruption has increased revenue across the board, accountability, transparency and equality is the answer to total social justice!

This nation shall become a great nation one day, not otherwise!


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