No Peace in MID EAST

September 28, 2010

RAMALLAH, West Bank – Frustrated by a new impasse, the White House sent its Mideast envoy to the region Tuesday in a last-ditch attempt to prevent the collapse of peace talks over Israel’s decision to allow new construction in West Bank settlements.

Israel refuses to renew a 10-month-old moratorium on housing starts that expired over the weekend, while the Palestinians say there’s no point in negotiating if settlements keep expanding on lands they want for their state.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who has repeatedly threatened to quit the talks unless the freeze continues, has so far rejected informal Israeli proposals of a watered-down moratorium, such as building only in some settlements, Abbas advisers said Tuesday.

However, the Palestinian leader seemed reluctant to walk away from the negotiations, which began just a month ago. Even though the moratorium expired Sunday, he has given the U.S. another week to try to find a compromise, saying he will announce his decision only after Arab foreign ministers meet in Cairo on Monday.

I have said before the meeting or rather peace talks started about  a month ago, remember the outcome which I predicted…and today we have all the answers, negotiating with the Jewish leaders is just a complete waste of  time. They have never shown any sincerity at all for the past years and they never will, its either one or the other, someone will put his foot down if not the president, the PM or the Defence Minister. It is a game which they have played for so long and they have always been on the  winning side,  with the Yankees allowing them to get away literally with murder.

Just look what happened to the attack on the peace flotilla, all the world can condemn, yet nothing happens, they are not brought to any court of justice or charged for war crimes, despite clear evidence they have violated all normal humane standards!

What good is it when the Chief Idiot at the UN HQ saying: “we regret, we are angered and we are disappointed”, it is just all old bull shit & crap  stories and rhetoric!  It makes no difference who sits in the White House or the Bloody UNHQ, the Israeli attitude will never ever changed and they remain defiant and stubborn as any mule, we shall all wait until God sends his wrath and the whole nation will be brought to its knees, one very fine day !

We are waiting for another war to break out, there won’t be peace in this area, the end will be destruction and total chaos not too far ahead,, for peace to prevail more deaths and destruction will first occur! The rest is doomed! The promised land will be returned finally to its rightful owners by the will of the almighty god! We shall see who this is ! God willing.


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