The End of Lebaran

September 21, 2010

The Raya holidays are almost over and all the city folks are back in town, all the traffic reports are being compiled and we shall see what the findings will be on the latest Ops Sikap.

Hopefully, the latest figures are not as alarming as the previous year, and we hope that the positive actions and campaigns have created an impact on the road users.

Under Ops Sikap 22, 16,817 accidents were reported compared to 17,335 during last year’s Aidilfitri celebration whereas the number of fatalities was 244 against 265 last year. — Bernama

With the new statistics, the Government can start planning for the next Ops Sikap for the Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays not to far ahead from now.

The other issues includes the fire crackers casualties and smuggling/illegal sale of these killers! The three agencies, namely PDRM, Customs and Anti Smuggling agency must come out with better plans and information gathering to curb these activities. Timely intelligence is of the essence in order to score a success!

The next most important factor for the government is related to house safety, we have seen that during the festive season many break-ins occurs when the families return to their “Kampongs”.

This is another matter bothering this nation, the thieves takes advantage of the absence of the house owners and raid their premises and ransacked the homes. The PDRM cannot be everywhere and all the time doing the patrols in the housing areas! As individual house owners, the onus is on us to inform our neighbors and the nearest PDRM about the duration and dates the house is going to be vacant.

The nation is also full of foreign laborers, and come Raya, they will flood the city center and have a gala time.  It is not a crime to enjoy the holidays and have some plain fun, but things get out of hand when they create problems and end up in fights. The most visited areas in KL are the KLCC and Dataran areas.

These are the real circumstances facing this nation year in and year out! Have we found a solution to all these woes? It was not that long ago that our PM said that this country needs to move forward and be vibrant, with this social issues lingering above us, a solution needs to be forthcoming!

The nation must think and act collectively.


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