The Killing Fields

September 14, 2010

Now this country has moved up a step further, only years and months ago we hear of gruesome murders in this country, now it is happening again, I did mention earlier when times are bad, things become worst!

My goodness, 4 innocent lives have been taken, I also mentioned that the idea of  “an eye for an eye” should be practiced, for a very simple reason, the family affected now is suffering the trauma, sadness and immense heart-ache. I would suggest that all the 4 surviving families have the pleasure to announce that the criminals all will suffer the same death sentence as what they did to the 4 deceased!

It becomes a “lesson  learned” and a big “deterrent”  for all future and potential crooks and criminals, who have funny ideas about robbing or killing people!

This episode may not end here with 4 dead, there are others who have been reported missing and case designated as ‘unsolved’ ! Can we trust that the PDRM with a new top cop probe and investigate till all stones are over turned and inspected!

If I were him yes, that is a sure way of getting an extension of service come next year, by working hard and also making his men under his command work doubly hard. Look he has yet to say anything about the case, he keeps cool and let the results speaks, yes only 3 days and they cracked the suspects & the case, most of all managed to get a confession!

I would not put the whole blame on the PDRM for what has happened, unless there is a real “cover-up and shut up”, with loads of cash paid up front to push aside the reported missing persons cases, I must say “well done” to PDRM!

If truly these 2 BAD brothers did paid of some dirty cops, I assure you they do not live in PEACE, not any longer!

I would think that, in this world “money” is the root of all evil deeds!

Because of the greed and lust for more money they end up killing 4 souls!

They have previously made so much money and still never enough, the PDRM reported that they have “terlampau banyak wang” or “big load of cash stored” away, either in their banks or kept as cash somewhere !

If cheating, killing and murdering people to become rich so successfully, I would say that this team seems to be the most outstanding ever! Even in the Western countries we do hear at times of gruesome murders and killings, but here in our own backyard, literally speaking.

I pray that all family members stay calm and wait for the forensic science experts to determine the DNA results, my prayers are for all. If the confessions are all true and not made under duress, this case is a classic case and the final verdict will be most sought after!

With some very important evidence fished out from the rivers, which they apparently disposed off the burnt ashes of the bodies confirmed, my gut instinct  says may be this is it!

We shall all wait & see!


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