Salam Hari Lebaran

September 9, 2010

Just a month flew us by with a wink of and eye, time flies as they all say, may it be in good times or bad!

The Syawal tomorrow brings us all much joy & laughter to many of us, but please let us all remember the less fortunate, the destitute and the very poor suffering around us all. Shed a tear for all these poor souls worldwide, say a ‘doa’ for them so that they can find relieve soon from the sufferings and hardships they have to face daily.

To all my muslim brothers and sisters, I beg your forgiveness in my writings, and if I had in any way caused transgression, it was my own weakness as a humble servant of the almighty.

Lets us all doa for a more stable and peaceful world in the forthcoming months and years, not only for our own families, but the entire human race as well.

Maaf Zahit & Batin.


2 Responses to “Salam Hari Lebaran”

  1. mangchik Says:

    Kullu ‘am , wa antum bi khairi , taqabbalallahu minna wa minka. Dalam segala hal saudara dalam keadaan baik, Semoga Allah menerima ‘ibadah daripada kita dan daripada saudara. Blessing of ‘Eid my friend and time to rejoice, insya Allah ..

  2. Selamt Hari Raya semua kawan dan saudara semua, yang jauh dirapatkan, yang rapat dimesrakan,,,,semoga semua selamat pulang ke kampong, dan kembali ke kota insya allah…

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