When Is Raya?

September 6, 2010

This country had previously celebrated the Id on two separate days, one earlier than the other. Now, it is another year which the Muslims of this country crack their heads as to when should we: Bakar d’lemang, boil the ketupat, masak the rendang and chase after the poor ayam !

Each time we are nearing the “D-Day” it gets more complicated, I for one say this: If by calculations and through science we can tell when and what the moon phase is at, almost 100% accurately. The mariners, naval ships and merchant ships used charts which can tell the timings of the tides, the high and lows and off course the moon also!

That is science, which translates into “FALAQ”  or by way of calculation! If by way of physical sighting is called “RUYKAH” , my contention here is which one are we preferring? Can’t that decision be made? Is there going to be a big calamity if one or the other is used!


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