More Deaths !

September 6, 2010

The second day of Ops Sikap saw another 22 lives gone! Is there going to be any different today, the 3rd day? Or are we bracing for the worst, because the main rush may well be on the Wed afternoon!

I have mentioned previously, please check the stats, does these accidents happen at only a certain part of the day or just at random, check the highest frequency hour!

More often than not, it is the human error that causes the accident: impatience, speeding, reckless, tiredness and mental & physical fatigue!

No amount of road safety campaign and awareness can help, unless the motorists himself becomes responsible and think safety all the way!

By late evening the Prime Time news reported that we have another 22 deaths on the roads, the figure is doubling up, only earlier, I said we are already 22, now the score is 44!

I think no other country in this world sets this type of records, since Ops Sikap started in 2001, I wonder how many lives have been wasted to date!

The word ‘SIKAP’ means literally attitude, we have all failed the test and  failed to shift our mind sets. How long more are we to be faced with this yearly affair.

Some quarters blamed the bad road conditions and quality of the roads for these high accident rates, I could not deny that it holds some truth. The Government must be dead serious, because innocent people dying is not a joke, just watch how one whole family lost their lives again on TV 3 this evening, the only surviving sibling is lost for words ! He has lost everything, both his parents and other siblings!

My crazy idea of managing the traffic flow mentioned earlier may be a system worth thinking and toying about, maybe, who knows it will work and could make travel more pleasant and off course safer!


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