Angry Cop

September 6, 2010

The outgoing Top Cop was disappointed with the KDN staff for over-riding his command, he said: “they went behind my back and instructed my men to do this & that” ! This was televised live over the prime time news at TV3!

This is a serious accusation, coming from a Top Cop!

There must be some ‘truth’ to his statement, and it does not hold any good for the PDRM as well as the Minister in KDN. Otherwise, he will not be making such news worthy comments! Most of all, no efforts were made for it to be censored at all ! Surprising indeed!

He even said he was not made known that he was terminated and not considered for extension of service, he said ” only at the press conference that I was formally informed of my status”!

This also holds some bad blood between the Minister and his men against the Top Cop!

Now the onus is on the Minister to come forth and clear the air, with some reliable explanation to the whole nation, for if a Top Cop cannot carry out his duties without being told what to do means real “BAD” for our nation!

We are all very fearful when a Top Cop becomes so forth right and outright truthful and speaking with no holds barred attitude, there is more to it thanĀ  what we all KNOW !


One Response to “Angry Cop”

  1. mangchik Says:

    The question that comes to my mind on seeing this so call ‘top cop’ is ~ ‘sampai bila nak menongkat langit?’ Be a good sport and leave graciously la, one lucky dude who got his service extended over a period of 4 years over twice extension… even his 2 i/c is getting his hair grey aakakakakakakaakakakak

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