Rob & Killed

September 4, 2010

Just within 24 hours, our country witness two very gruesome murders! Both involving ladies and the weaker sex. The intruders had no mercy and no second thoughts at all.

They robbed and bounded the women folks and murdered them all, even a 10 years old kid was not spared. The incidents happened in PD and Taiping, not big city towns. Does the culprit themselves “know” the victims ? The PDRM has to crack their heads quickly, hardly did we have a brand new head cop and now we have such heinous crimes occurring.

Who are they actually? So desperate as to harm the occupants, is not just taking the money only enough, or they were “known” to both the victims, just to ensure their identity is not known, they had to snuffed off three lives!

This country has seen some tremendous crime committed and the index is rising and it scares us all, are we safe in our homes anymore? Or are we just as vulnerable  walking in the streets! Just during the Merdeka night celebrations, there were also some beatings and assault reported in the streets of KL, Dataran in fact!

We must all stay VIGILANT at all times, they say that the BAD times makes humans turn to desperate measures to survive, but this is not survival, but animalistic !


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