September 4, 2010

Just only the first day of OPS SIKAP and the prime news at 0800 pm reported that we have 10 deaths on the roads! Another 9,000 summons issued and 1000 over accidents recorded. What is going to happen at the end of the festive season!

Malaysia losses a certain percentage of its population each year during the festive holidays, just because we do not have cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, major floods, earthquakes and typhoons it does not mean we can afford to reduce our populace!

The stats says that 80% of the casualties were motorcyclist and not cars per say! That being the case why not imposed a ban on these vehicles, since heavy vehicles have been barred from using the roads! At times we need to be extra cruel to be kind in saving lives of the innocent.

Yes, in this country we can see each day motorbikes carrying 5 people ! Take a good look, the father which is the driver, his wife, and 3 kids all squeezed onto a small little “kap-chai”! Taking unnecessary huge risks and forgetting that accidents do and can happen at anytime!

What happens is that fate deals a blow that very instant, kids without safety helmets, all will be thrown off the bike and crushed or may  even be rolled over by any vehicles who can’t break in time.

Why do we close an eye to all this ! Does poverty and hardship allow one to take such great risk or is it just foolishness and plain ignorance or worst irresponsible on the part of the parents!!

Every time a scene like this plays out in front of me, I pray hard nothing bad befalls on the family and if they are in front of me, I try as much to shield them from any probable danger, but how much can I do and for how long!

What is going to happen next ?

The main exodus to leave KL and other major towns have yet to start actually, maybe by Tuesday for the Muslims and Non Muslims by Wed evening. As reported the authorities expect 1.2 million vehicles on the roads! We are in for a big travel extravaganza ! So, pleas stay cool and think safety first and last!

No one is giving a big prize away for the first and fastest to reach home! Please bring back joy to the homes when arriving not tears of sorrow and regret!


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