Friday Blues

September 3, 2010

The school holidays will start today, to be precisely in the afternoon, some may even skip school and catch the train home, school kids that is. But, parents who are teachers themselves, all will also leave for home, a week well in advance of the Hari Raya holidays! They have a 2 week-long break, that in a way is a good idea, the first exodus can leave for home, easing a bit of the ‘final’ mad rush home!

Malaysians of all walks of life, no matter what color, creed or beliefs will take off for somewhere, after all its a long 4 days break! This is a must do thing, the spirit of ‘balik kampong’.

Yesterday, was another sad incident, or rather accident! A bus laden with passengers I believe on a holiday trip, met with a serious accident along the treacherous KARAK highway.

That road needs to be modified or up graded or improved the way I see it personally! I am a frequent traveler on that particular highway, the area is hilly and off course its gradients can be very tricky, especially when one is going down hill and curving & winding  all the way down.

There must be more innovative and technological  improvements to road building and construction in this country, back in Europe, USA or UK they would have done it differently! We cannot compromise safety for saving some money! The hills need to be well managed, if need be we cut  into it  and through it or bore through it!

Cutting the hills and slopes is not a good option, as seen in all the areas along the East-West Highway and East-East highway,  they also suffer the same fate, very frequent landslides and earth movements. When the monsoons come, just stand by…for another round of heartaches and headaches!

In Europe they have tunnels and that resolves a lot of headaches and long term problems, in Sarajevo city itself, they called it the city of tunnels, they have not less than 60 in an around the whole city itself, they never ever have any problems of landslips or slides!

It is about high time the Engineers in JKR learn a thing or two from the more advance and more technically skilled road builders of Europe! Trying  to save money and saving on cost is not an option at ALL !

Not to be so ‘pound foolish’ and lose more lives!

You can have 10,000 cops out there doing what they do best, BUT the onus is on the driver himself, some are juts plain PITA – Pain In The Ass drivers, who do not care about others!

They only know that they want to reach home first and are most inconsiderate of all road users and are called “Road Bullies” ! I do hope that the cops will stop them, arrest them and charge them,  most of all, get the  courts to slam them with a heavy penalty off course!


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