September 2, 2010

The days are drawing nearer for the Id Fitri, as they called it else where except Malaysia. The Government has been very kind and generous in giving all  the serving as well as those retired persons who once served this country. Even Kelantan, Terengganu and Penang state Governments did not want to be left out, it is a good gesture when the PM says “Rakyat Di Dahulukan” !

He is taking good care of the Rakyat, he means business and he means well towards the poor folks, every cent given will be well spent, especially with the fuel hikes and food hikes, everything going up!

They say only three things come down from the skies:

a. Rain Water.

b. Bird Shit.

c. Idiots Jumping off from a serviceable AIRCRAFT with a parachute !

Anyway, we are all grateful and thankful also for this kind thoughts, it is also a blessing this year for the Government to hold its Merdeka Parade in a smaller scale and much toned down celebrations. This is a sure way to save money, mega bucks in fact. Each year, the budget for the parade runs into millions, from dress attire, props, transport, food & beverages, hotels, fireworks, posters, kids, parents, security…the list in endless actually!

I do hope that common sense will prevail in the coming years when things are so bleak economically, must try to be prudent and spent wisely and no more wastage!

If only all these years and all the money spent could have been channeled towards more worthy causes like: poor kids schooling requirements, poor folks medical care, the sick & the old, the less fortunate and Special needs persons. One can argue that this events generate economic activities and provide employment, yes all very true!

But, who are the contractors and suppliers, finally what does the public gain from all of it ?

If the needy and the under privilege is taken care of, I am sure it also generates economic activities as well from the supplying of food, clothes, special equipment and medical supplies even! Somebody, eventually has to supply all these stuff as well! The end result is much desired rather than a huge Parade and nothing is achieved except pride!

Money well spent and wisely used reflects the true mentality of a good or bad leader  !


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