September 1, 2010

Today, is EXACTLY one day after 53 years of Merdeka! The disturbing news I heard is that the poor Penan folks in Upper Raram, in the interiors of Sarawak is being threaten again by SAMLING the monster logging company!

They are trying to force the headman to retract their police reports &  charges that the loggers raped their women folks! I Wonder what would happen if lets say : the IGP’s daughter got Gang Raped, or one women Minister got RAPED or one Royalty got Raped & Murdered!

Are we all turning a BLIND eye because they are just Penans from ULU Baram, they can die just like a fly? Maybe we are all bullies and like the way things are, if it does not matter us at all “let it be@!”

Bullies likes to whack the poor, the weak and the powerless! They call it animal instinct ! I say they are all liars. In The animal kingdom, it is survival of the fittest, becos they are not supposed to think and reason out! But humans have far more superior brains that can think and evaluate things! Yet behave worst than the ANIMALS OR NATANG !

Or else, no transport will be provided for the jungle people to send their children to school and get the sick to hospitals in nearby towns!

We are not somewhere in Africa, where the gun speaks loudest and might is right!

For what ever reason, the state government is either BLIND, DEAF OR DAMN STUPID ! For not being able to care for its own citizens, for what ever the reason and excuse only god almighty knows!

I do hope that the  RIPE & OLD CHIEF MINISTER of  SARAWAK have a little bit of sanity and soul left to relieve these poor souls OF THEIR SUFFERINGS AND PAINS, we are all answerable mind you all.



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